Select Mating Service® (SMS®)

The SMS program is Select Sires GenerVations Inc.'s FREE mating program. Like its subsidiary in the United States, SMS uses linear breakdowns from Holstein Canada Classification scores or from an on-farm SMS Evaluator, pedigree information and/or imported genomic values on heifers and cows. The SMS computerized analysis uses this information to manage genetic recessives (including brachyspina), manage haplotypes, control inbreeding, increase productivity, increase longevity, produce consistent results and maximize genetic investment.

Our professional SMS Evaluators want to help your herd stay on track! The SMS program can be customized to meet your goals. Ask for SMS through your sales representative at any time.

Every time the Holstein Canada classifier comes to classify your herd, ask for Select Mating Service!

For more information on the SMS program, go here.

Qualifying dairy producers who are interested in participating in this program are encouraged to contact their local Select Sires GenerVations Inc. representatives.

Quebec, Eastern Ontario and Atlantic Canada
Regional Manager and SMS Evaluator
Norman Carson
Phone: (819) 821-0674

Western and Central Ontario
Regional Manager and SMS Evaluator
Hugh Van Hout
Phone: (519) 835-6789

Western Canada
Regional Manager and SMS Evaluator
Erik Klugkist
Phone: (403) 877-3167